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Silk & Willow was founded on the principle of creating ​beauty while keeping the environment at the forefront of every decision. 

Our designer hues, crafted from nature's palette, is just the beginning of our pursuit for sustainability. Our mission extends to all aspects of our business—from raw materials to production and packaging.
Everyday we strive to do better and as our business grows we continue to learn and evolve!
Here is a glimpse at some of the ways we are supporting our sustainable mission.


For thousands of years prior to the advent of synthetic dyes, people created vibrant colors from natural plant materials. We carry on this tradition at Silk & Willow, using plant materials to create our ​designer range of ​natural ​hues.
Our ​colors are extracted from roots, foliage, nuts, berries, and flowers. ​We organically grow and forage​ many of our dye material​s. ​If not grown locally, our dye materials are sustainably​ ​sourced with GOTS CERTIFICATION ​within the United States and abroad.  



Much time, thought, and consideration went into our original wooden spools. We valued the relationship with our woodworkers who hand-crafted our spools from fast-growing renewable wood sources. While we loved these spools, 
we knew we could do better!
• Starting in 2019, we acquired FSC CERTIFICATION on the wood used to create our ribbon spools.
• Based on our spool design, we had a tool forged to create our spools with consistent weights and sizing (lowering shipping costs + carbon emissions).
•Our spools are stained their rich dark color with an eco-friendly water-based stain. The only way to create a smooth finish and remain 100% chemical-free was to develop our own "buffing" system. Each of our spools is individually hand-buffed to create a smooth finish without the use of toxic sealers. 


All of our packaging materials are made from recycled or post-consumer recycled materials. Our printing is done with companies stating a clear "eco-friendly/sustainable mission", local letterpress printers, or done in-house. 



For our traditional silk, we work with suppliers that have direct relationships with their spinners, weavers, and silk finishing mill. Each roll is inspected and classified to ensure a consistent supply of the highest quality of silk.

Our primary silk (Habutai, Sheer, and Satin silk) sourcing comes from China, with an origin of silk production dating back to 2640 BC. This silk is produced from the most desired silkworms, the Asiatic mulberry moth bombyx mori. The cultivated silkworms are feed on a diet of mulberry leaves. The specialized diet of mulberry leaves creates employment for thousands of workers. After each harvest, the trees are then pruned and prepared for the next season’s crop. No chemicals are ever used on the mulberry trees.

Our organic silks (Dupioni, Tussar, Ethereal, Gossamer, and Eri silk) originate in India. Our suppliers work with the Sericulture Department of the State Government who work directly with tribal communities within the forest to harvest wild silk cocoons. This silk is called "Peace Silk" as the moths naturally leave the cocoon before they are harvested. This sustainably managed process distributes cocoons to our weavers who real and spin the silk into our organic silk materials. Our weavers use "Pit Looms" which are provided in the homes of the weavers. Our supplier provides fair trade wages and health insurance to all of our weavers.


Our premium products are an investment in Beauty and the Sustainable Mission behind them

We are students of sustainability. Our goal is to continue learning and improving every day.  Thank you for sharing in our mission and seeing beauty in Naturally Dyed Color.
April 21, 2020 — Silk & Willow

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