WEAVER'S RIBBON {Assorted Light Hues}

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WEAVER'S RIBBON {Assorted Light Hues} 

This collection of ribbons includes a variety of light hues. Each batch is a collection of random colors in lighter shades. Colors will vary depending on availability. 

Our Weavers packs are bundles of our plant-dyed ribbons, crafted from nature's wonderful palette. Each pack of colors is created from ribbon remnants. These ribbon packs are for artists and weavers looking to add natural hues to their next project. In addition to weaving, these ribbon remnants work wonderfully for latch hooks, making pom-poms, and macramé with weaving.

In addition, some of the ribbon pieces can be used for: tying on tags and small gifts, wrapping boutonnières, or simply displaying in a bowl as home decor. 

WHATS INCLUDED / Each ribbon bundle comes with an assortment of naturally dyed ribbon pieces. The ribbon sizes vary, some ribbons are very thin cut-offs, and others are an inch or more in width, but the majority are in the 3/4 inch range. The length of each ribbon varies, the majority of pieces are 1/2 yard or more, some are over a yard long, and shorter pieces may be included as well. Note, these ribbons are remnants and have irregular sizing, edging, and frays. These are not intended as bouquet ribbons. 

AMOUNT / 25-30 grams of silk ribbons. Each bundle is measured by weight. Comes in a Certified Compostable PLA (plant-based) bag. 

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