Blush {Tussar} Silk Ribbon

$ 62.00
Width & Length

Elegant, romantic, feminine Blush

Our current batch of Tussar Blush is a tad lighter than pictured, with a hint of coral in the undertone, making it a soft neutral blush hue (see last two images).

Our "tussar" ribbon has a natural shimmer, making this a magical addition to your bridal bouquet! Beautiful on its own, or pair with our classic blush for layers of texture.

Crafted from hand-loomed, organic "peace silk" and dyed with our custom blend of plant materials to create a unique ribbon with a soft natural hue. 

Tussar silk has a textured feel. This translucent material is a light sheer weight with body and texture, unlike any other ribbon. Each ribbon comes with a clean-cut edging for a classic look, or you can repeatedly rub the edges to create a custom "feathered" edge - see last images for examples. 

Sample Swatches are a 9-inch length sample of our 2-inch width ribbon.