Golden {Tussar} Silk Ribbon

$ 62.00

Golden {Tussar} is a hand-loomed raw silk ribbon. Golden is a light gold hue with a natural shimmer. This ribbon is light, airy, and feather-weight.

Created from silk cocoons sustainably gathered from deep within a protected forest in eastern India. Artisans from a small village, rich in the craft of hand-looming, have created this material with skill and tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years. 

This unique ribbon has a beautiful natural sheen. The edges are cut clean, but are very delicate and can be easily frayed for a soft feathery feel. This ribbon is bias cut to create a natural flow and drape. 

Organic, Ahimsa Silk (peace silk)

NOTE / Due to the hand-loom nature slight variations in the material and weave are always possible. Dyed in a dye bath of marigold flowers. Due to the delicate nature of this material, it was difficult to remove some of the flecks of flower pieces that may be stuck in the material.