• Botanical Print {FALL}
  • Botanical Print {FALL}
  • Botanical Print {FALL}

Botanical Print {FALL}

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BOTANICAL PRINT is created using a variety of plants, herbs, & tree resin with a "direct contact" dyeing method where the plant materials are rolled into the silk. Each ribbon varies and will contain an overall marbling of rust and copper tones. 

Markings on each ribbon will vary, and imprints are can be subtle or drastic. Each ribbon is truly unique and varied. 


Plant Dyes are more subtle and complex than those created by synthetic dyes. You are purchasing a "living color" that is unique and one-of-a-kind. While each lot of color is dyed in the same manner, with the same plant materials, slight variations & unique characteristics will make each ribbon special. Each ribbon is wound on a hand crafted antique style spool.

Each spool holds 3 yards of 100% Habutai Silk Bias Ribbon. 

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