Botanical Print No. 104 Silk Ribbon

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Add a one-of-a-kind touch to your bridal bouquet with Silk & Willow's Botanical Print Ribbons!

New Limited Edition Botanical Print No. 104

Botanical Print No. 104 silk ribbon has a delicate balance of hues. A soft golden hue blends seamlessly with blush to create an ombre that can be felt but only seen with the decerning eye. As the light captures this ribbon, the unique blend of hues shine. 

Experience the allure of handcrafted elegance with our custom-dyed ribbons. Imbued with a natural golden hue from our homegrown Dyer's Chamomile and subtly tinged with a blush ombre achieved through dip-dyeing in Sumac.

Each ribbon is adorned with delicate peonies that have been carefully dried for weeks before gently steaming into the silk. With just a hint of botanical prints, these bespoke ribbons have a romantic ambiance.

Each ribbon is a piece of original artwork. Each ribbon is unique, and markings vary.

• Wrap your bridal bouquets with naturally botanical printed plant-dyed silk ribbon

• Create unique gift-wrapping presentations

• Wrap your custom Wedding Invitation suites