Botanical Print No. 107 Silk Ribbon

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Width & Length

New Limited Edition Botanical Print No. 107

Botanical Print No. 107 silk ribbon has a caramel-chestnut base hue with gold undertones and coreopsis flower markings throughout.  Created with five different varieties of coreopsis flowers that are fresh-picked from our gardens and then rolled into silk and steamed to make their lasting imprint. 

Please note that the markings on each ribbon will vary, with some showcasing abstract designs and others capturing the intricate details of the flowers. Some ribbons may feature multiple layered flowers, while others have a more randomly placed arrangement. These variations make each ribbon unique and enchanting in its own way.

Add a touch of elegance and designer flair to your fall home decor with this nature-inspired ribbon. Use it to adorn your fall wreaths or wrap it around table details for autumnal events. 

• Wrap your bridal bouquets with naturally botanical printed plant-dyed silk ribbon

• Create unique gift-wrapping presentations

• Wrap your custom Wedding Invitation suites

Note | When this ribbon is photographed, the golden hues are highlighted. This ribbon is slightly darker in person.