Botanical Print No. 111

$ 38.00
Width & Length

BOTANICAL PRINT No. 111  An enchanting visual experience awaits!

Introducing the vibrant and playful botanical print ribbon that will surely bring a smile to your face! With bold and vibrant hues, this ribbon is a true statement piece.

The base hue of this ribbon is a playful pink with a touch of magenta undertones.

Created through a meticulous two-step process, this ribbon is infused with history. It is first dyed with the ancient natural dyes madder root and cochineal, resulting in a saturated pink color. Then, loads of flowers are carefully rolled into the silk and steamed for hours, imprinting their stunning botanical prints.

Prepare to be amazed by the variety of prints this ribbon offers. Vibrant orange-gold prints are from marigold flowers, while pale yellow swirls are derived from the "flame of the forest" flowers. Additionally, you may occasionally spot a lovely soft purple-gray hue from hollyhock flowers.

Get ready to wow!

Its powerful vibrancy will unify your color palette into something truly captivating!

The number of Botanical Prints varies on each ribbon. See all the photos to understand the range of possibilities. 

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — the Art of Nature, captured in lasting form.