Botanical Print No. 113 Silk Ribbon

$ 36.00
Width & Length

Add a one-of-a-kind touch to your bridal bouquet and seasonal wreaths with Silk & Willow's Botanical Print Ribbons!

Introducing our exclusive Limited Edition Botanical Print No. 113 - the perfect finishing touch for your wedding bouquet. Inspired by heirloom textiles, this ribbon offers warm tones and is crafted from the finest mulberry silk. We use a special steaming process to fuse real flowers into the fabric, creating a truly unique piece of art.

Botanical Print No. 113 features a dreamy dusty coral hue with subtle rose undertones. The intricate floral patterns in gold and coral add depth and beauty to this one-of-a-kind silk ribbon. We source the finest chrysanthemum flowers, specifically the rare Snow Chrysanthemum, to create these exquisite prints. With a short blooming season and limited yield, we only use the best flowers to bring our hand-crafted silk ribbons to life.

Each ribbon is a work of art, with unique markings that make it truly special. Use it to wrap your bridal bouquets, create stunning gift presentations, or embellish your custom Wedding Invitation suites.

Elevate your special day with our naturally botanical printed, plant-dyed silk ribbon.

Each ribbon is an original work of art, and botanical prints vary on each ribbon.