Botanical Print No. 89 Silk Ribbon

$ 38.00
Width & Length

Botanical print no. 89 silk ribbon is first hand dyed in a dye bath of Queen Anne’s Lace to create our soft “Queen Anne” hue. Then, plants, flowers, and leaves are rolled into the silk and steamed to create their lasting imprint.

Crafted from Queen Anne’s Lace {whole plant, fresh + dried}, Tansy {fresh leaves}, Golden Rod {fresh whole plant + leaves}, Coreopsis {dried}

This is a fun and unique ribbon. The amber prints from the flowers and chartreuse eco-prints from the leaves make a memorable statement tied on your wedding flowers, incorporated into your fall table decor, creating a bow on your holiday wreath, or gift wrapping a special gift.

Botanical markings on each ribbon vary. 

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — the Art of Nature, captured in lasting form.