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Carnation Pink {Eri Silk}

$ 34.00

Carnation Pink is an ombre colored ribbon with colors softly fading from blush to pale pink, just like a carnation flower! 

If you love the look of cotton, but you want the luxury of silk, this is the ribbon for you!

This 100% Eri Silk ribbon has the look and feel of soft cotton with an intricate matte weaving, and a luminosity only found in silk. 

The edging is clean-cut, but you can easily fray the edging if you're going for a Shabby Chic ribbon look. 

Care / Throughout the dyeing process, our ribbons are cooked in color and washed several times to ensure colorfastness. While machine and hand washing is possible, note that the ribbon will fray with washing. Wash in lukewarm water with mild pH-neutral soap, plant dyes are "living" color that can be shifted by chemicals and drastic changes in pH. Hang to dry. Iron on medium-high heat on the backside of the fabric.