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Remnants Bundles {Cotton}

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These bundles include remnants of our Plant Dyed Cotton Fabrics. Each bundle is an assortment of colors & textures. Fabrics include cut-off pieces, flawed "seconds", and out-of-stock colors. Each bundle is an assortment of lengths and colors. Each bundle includes medium and tight weave fabrics. 

How long are the pieces? Each bundle varies. Most pieces are about 30 inches in length, all bundles have at least one piece that is one yard, and some pieces are just snippets of the material (10 inches).

What are "seconds"? "Seconds" are fabric pieces with flaws. This could be an irregularity in the weave, an irregular coloring, or damage to the material. 

These Remnant Bundles are great as styling pieces, Furoshiki style gift wrapping, or making into napkins.

Our medium weave cotton fabric is handwoven using traditional looming methods.

The ends of the fabric are textured & unfinished. This is a “gauzy” looser weave material. Due to the handwoven quality of the material, slight irregularities and variations in the weave are always possible, this is the nature of a handcrafted textile. Iron for a smoother, more formal look or tumble dry for a soft relaxed look. Learn more about our “seconds” here.

Machine wash separately gentle cycle/cold, or hand wash. Use mild pH neutral soap, plant dyes are "living" color that can be shifted by chemicals and drastic changes in pH. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry. Tumble drying may cause minor shrinkage, as the fabric will create a soft crinkle when tumble dried. Our cotton fabrics continue to get softer with each use. Iron on medium-high to remove wrinkles. Note, do not wash more than 20 yards of material at one time, the fabric may tangle in the wash.

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