DIY / Undyed Cotton Napkin

$ 7.00


Make your own Naturally Dyed Cotton Napkins at home!

For a limited time, we are offering our Undyed Cotton {medium weave} napkins for DIY natural dyeing. 

Our cotton napkins can be used similarly to cheesecloth when natural dyeing. The difference between our napkins and traditional cheesecloth is that our napkins are hand-loomed with traditional weaving methods using hand-spun khadi cotton. 

The texture is gauzy with a finished selvage on the sides and cut frayed edges. The edges may be slightly uneven.

Size | 22 inches x 18 inches

100% Cotton

See our simple recipe for dyeing with Onion Skin, or refer to the Natural Dyeing with avocado pits craft in our book, NATURAL TABLES.

Additional resources here 

Colored napkins are dyed with: Avocado pits, walnuts, and pomegranate. 

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