Fairytale Pink Silk Ribbon

$ 27.00
Width & Length

Fairytale Pink is a classic pink hue. This heartwarming shade, appearing as a solid color at first glance, reveals a delicate marbling upon closer inspection. This subtle marbling adds depth and character, making each ribbon feel unique and custom-crafted.

Embrace the storybook allure of Fairytale Pink and let your creations tell a story of romance and elegance. 

This light, romantic, and earthy pink is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and sophistication to any project. Whether embellishing wedding invitations, adding to your beautiful bouquet, or gift wrapping, Fairytale Pink adds a sweet feminine allure.

Hand-dyed with sustainably harvested Brazilwood, our Fairytale Pink silk ribbon embodies the essence of nature's beauty. The soft, luxurious texture of silk combined with this gentle pink hue enhances the magic of your most cherished moments.