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Indigo Gray {Sheer}

$ 50.00

This ribbon is dyed with fermented indigo and harvested walnuts, combining the dusty blue indigo with an earthy walnut undertone, resulting in a soft blue-gray hue.

This color appears as a gray tone, but twisting and turning throughout are hints of dusty blue. 

Looking for a neutral hue, but want just a hint of color with a bit of character? This is the ribbon for you!

Plant Dyes are more subtle and complex than those created by synthetic dyes. You are purchasing a "living color" that is unique and one-of-a-kind. While each lot of color is dyed in the same manner, with the same plant materials, slight variations & unique characteristics will make each ribbon special. Each ribbon is wound on a antique style wooden spool. 100% Mulberry Silk Bias Ribbon. Silk weight 8mm.

Machine wash separately gentle cycle/cold, or hand wash. Use mild pH neutral soap, plant dyes are "living" color that can be shifted by chemicals and drastic changes in pH. Hang to dry recommended, but you can tumble dry on low to increase fraying on the edges. Iron when just barely damp on medium heat on the back side of the fabric.