Indigo Napkins / Finished Edge {Tight Weave} Set of 2 napkins

$ 11.00 $ 56.00

Sold as a set of 4 napkins.

Our classic hand-loomed cotton napkins. We love these; however, due to some slight color irregularities, we wouldn't categorize them as wedding quality. Nevertheless, they are wonderful as everyday napkins!

Unlike our other napkins, where the threads are dyed before weaving to ensure consistent coloring, these napkins were woven first and then dipped into an indigo vat. This process resulted in some distinctive air bubble markings and color variations - minor imperfections that add character.

Personally, I've reserved a few sets for my own use as everyday napkins and dish towels!

If you're new to our napkin range, this is an amazing chance to experience the quality and charm of our "tight weave" cotton textile.

Dyed with indigo. Indigo is the most recognized natural dye throughout history. This divine hue holds deep meanings and traditions spanning many cultures. Indigo is a precious pigment; for some cultures, it symbolizes wealth, and for others, it connects to the elements of water and sky.  

Approx. Size / 24 inches x 28 inches

This item is sold as-is. Due to the drastic discount, this item is not returnable.