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$ 27.00

  • 3/4 inch / 5 yards
  • 3/4 inch / 10 yards
  • 1.5 inch / 3 yards
  • 2.5 inch / 3 yards
  • 4 inch / 3 yards

IVORY. This light tone has a buttery gold undertone. Some of the ribbons have a little bit of the beautiful marbling pictured (like a beautifully marbled stone), but most ribbons are a solid tone. 

Plant Dyes are more subtle and complex than those created by synthetic dyes. You are purchasing a "living color" that is unique and one-of-a-kind. While each lot of color is dyed in the same manner, with the same plant materials, slight variations & unique characteristics will make each ribbon special. Each ribbon is wound on a handcrafted antique style spool designed exclusively for Silk & Willow. 

Each spool holds 3 or 5 yards of 100% Habutai Silk Bias Ribbon. 

last image pictured with Champagne.

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