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Leather Apothecary Medicine Chest

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Leather medicine chest, likely, English, late 18th century.

Details: Leather box with a tooled design and blue velvet inner top lining. One small removable compartment. Removable compartment holds three mini glass jars (one is missing. Cork stoppers with wood tops. One cork is stuck and not removable) and one glass tray with silver plated lid. Below are four small glass jars with toppers (labels read, "Dinneford & Co. Powered Alum", Cold Cream, and another unreadable). 

Additional bottles. "Paregoric", Dinneford & Co. Calcined Maganesia", "Essence of Ginger" and "Violet" perfume. Some glass bottles have no labels. One small skinny glass bottle is missing. Glass bottles have some chips, and some glass stoppers are stuck. 

Front clasp does not have a key, and does not hold shut. Back & side of chest has paint splatter (see images).

SIZE // 7.5 x 5.25 x 4.5 inches

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