LIMITED EDITION | Botanical Print No. 117 Silk Ribbon

$ 32.00 $ 36.00
Width & Length

Botanical Print No. 117 has a light sage base hue with amber markings and blue and yellow floral prints throughout.

For this unique ribbon, we combined fresh iris flowers from our garden and rusty nails for a wildly different look!! The two ingredients were rolled into the silk and steamed to create eco-prints on each ribbon. 


Note: The 1.5-inch ribbons have some bright yellow tones not pictured here. 

Each ribbon is a piece of original artwork.

• Wrap your bridal bouquets with plant-dyed silk ribbon

• Create unique gift-wrapping presentations

• Invitation ribbon

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — Nature, captured in lasting form.

NOTE/ This limited edition ribbon was created on silk with an error in the bias seam. The seam was sewn with cotton, instead of silk as it should be. Though the beauty is not compromised, we have discounted this ribbon for the faulty seam.  In addition, we have a few "seconds" for this ribbon which has an additional discount for having a loose seam (but the prints on these are amazing!).