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Organic Silk + Cotton Scarf

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We've designed our silk scarf to be a versatile must-have! Relaxed, it's perfect as an everyday scarf with jeans and a t-shirt, ironed it transforms into a more formal wrap to be worn at your evening soirée.

AND, it doubles as a table runner!! The extra-long length makes it the perfect size for a 60-inch long table (as pictured below). Use as a table runner at your special event, then as your go-to  scarf afterward 😉

AND, makes an ethereal chair cover, draped over the back of the chair (for formal events and bride & groom chairs).

Our silk blend scarves are perfect for any weather. Silk has the magical ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Comes loosely twisted as pictured for a relaxed look. Iron on medium-high for a more formal look. Machine washable, wash in cold on delicate cycle. Hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat. Always use pH neutral, natural washing soap. As with all natural dyes, chemicals can alter the color. 

Designed by Silk & Willow and hand-loomed in India. "Clay" is dyed with walnuts and "Blush" is dyed with a blend of madder root, pomegranate, and cutch. Naturally dyed in our New York studio. 
60% Peace Silk
40% Certified Organic Cotton
Size | 28 x 94 inches
Ends are hand-rolled and hand-sewn.