Pink/Red Sampler Ribbon Set

$ 75.00

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This is a sampler set of three hues: Red Rouge, Sweetheart Pink, and Blush.

It contains-

3 yards / 3.5 inch width / Sweetheart Pink {Sheer}
1.5 yards / 2.5 inch width / Red Rouge
2.5 yards / 2.5 inch width / Blush

Ribbons come lightly folded in a 100% silk organza bag. Does not come on spools and may require light ironing to remove fold creases. 

Red Rouge is a saturated red hue with pink undertones. Color crafted from Madder Root. 

Sweetheart Pink {Sheer} is a vibrant pink hue. Color crafted from Cochineal. 

Blush is a classic warm blush hue. Color crafted from Matter Root, Cutch, and Pomegranate. 

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