Ribbon Wall Art

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Loads of Plant Dyed Silk Ribbon, in various widths and textures, draped on a wooden dowel. Ribbons include an array of romantic hues; blushes, whites, and creams. Perfect for your home or office wall, or event decor.

The 12-inch wooden dowel is hand stained with the same natural water-based stain we use for our ribbon spools.

Dowel Width / 12 inches  |   Ribbon Length / approx. 36 inches

Included: 2 x 1.25-inch black metal screw hooks. Instructions: With a level and 12-inch ruler, mark a dot at 1 inch and at 10 inches. Screw hooks directly into your wall at the marked dots and slide the dowel with ribbon into the hooks. (if hanging on a wall that is not drywall, you may need to drill a pilot hole before screwing in the hooks).

Over 35 yards of Plant Dyed Silk Ribbon
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