Rusty lilac {Recycled Ribbon}

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Rusty Lilac is a marbling of hues. Light lilac, warm gray, and rust tones are speckled throughout. This ribbon is made from recycled organic silk strips of ribbon sewn end-to-end.

The width is irregular and the ribbon comes wrinkled and very stringy. Spritz your ribbon with water and iron to achieve a wider ribbon width, see images for examples. 

Comes wrinkled and unpressed, does not include a wooden spool.

Clearance items are sold as-is. all sales are final.


Our Recycled Ribbon is created from strips of recycled and reclaimed silk pieces sewn end-to-end to create a textured ribbon.

Perfect for pairing with our classic ribbons for an added layer of texture, or adding color details to tags or event invitations.

Due to the recycled nature, variations in ribbon texture are always possible. The varying silk textures uptake natural dyes differently, creating varying shades of color. Ribbon widths vary and ribbons may have knots connecting loose pieces. Each ribbon roughly wound on an antique style wooden spool.


Machine wash separately gentle cycle/cold, or hand wash. Use mild pH neutral soap, plant dyes are "living" color that can be shifted by chemicals and drastic changes in pH. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

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