• plant dyed, natural dye, silk & willow, organic cotton,
  • SAMPLE BUNDLE {Assorted}
  • SAMPLE BUNDLE {Assorted}
  • SAMPLE BUNDLE {Assorted}


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This assorted bundle of Medium & Tight Weave Fabrics gives you an array of soft hues. Perfect for your styling toolkit, or to sample our colors & weaves fabrics.

Edges are unfinished.

Note, our Mauve color, in the first image, has been replaced with "Rosewood" tight weave (last image). Rosewood is a muted mauve hue.

each bundle includes //

30 x 30 inches  - tight weave ROSEWOOD

32 x 30 inches  - medium weave PETAL PINK

32 x 28 inches  - medium weave PEACH

28 x 34 inches  - medium weave CORAL 

Colors available in longer lengths, contact shellie@silkandwillow.com for custom orders.

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