Cinderella Blue {Sheer Silk Runner}

$ 90.00

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A soft alluring pale blue. 

Each batch varies slightly.

Edging is unfinished. Unpressed for a natural texture, iron on medium for a smooth finish.

Approx. width | 42 inches

Our silk fabrics are very versatile
- romantic covering to your wedding head-table
- cut and draped over the "bride & groom" chairs
- drape as a backdrop
- cut to length and wear as a scarf
- cut into strips and use a ribbon

Our sheer silk is a delicate 100% silk fabric with an airy, lofty drape. Looking to add an ethereal, silky layer of texture to your tablescape and wedding decor, our sheer silk fabric will elevate the ambiance! This material is "un-pressed" for a natural texture. Edging is unfinished. Iron for a smooth finish. Silk weight 4mm.


Machine wash separately gentle cycle/cold, hand wash, or dry clean. Use mild pH neutral soap, plant dyes are "living" color that can be shifted by chemicals and drastic changes in pH. Hang dry recommend, you can tumble dry on low but minor shrinkage may occur. The fabric will create a soft crinkle when tumble dried. Iron on medium to remove wrinkles and create a smooth texture. Note, do not wash more than 20 yards of material at one time, the fabric may tangle in the wash.

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