• SILK SHEER FABRIC {Hydrangea}
  • SILK SHEER FABRIC {Hydrangea}
  • SILK SHEER FABRIC {Hydrangea}


$ 144.00

  • Dark / 4 yards
  • Dark / 4.5 yards
  • Dark / 5.5 yards
  • Dark / 6 yards
  • Dark / 7.5 yards
  • Medium / 4 yards
  • Light / 14 yards

100% Sheer Silk Fabric. Individually hand dyed with logwood.

This beautiful violet gray tone will reflect it's surroundings, appearing more or less "gray" depending on the lighting & surrounding colors. Each batch varies slightly.

We have three shades. Together, the varying shades work beautifully to create an ombre effect. 

DARK / a muted violet tone

MEDIUM / a less violet with more gray tones and a hint of blue

LIGHT / a light blue-gray with violet undertones

Each fabric piece is un-pressed to maintain a natural texture with an un-finished edging.

SIZE // 36-38 inches x length varies

Our silk fabrics are very versatile
- romantic covering to your wedding head-table
- cut and draped over the "bride & groom" chairs
- drape as a back drop
- cut to length and wear as a scarf
- cut in strips and use as ribbon

CARE // Dry clean or hand wash is recommended; machine wash separately, gentle cycle/cold. Aways use pH neutral soap if needed as chemicals or drastic changes in pH can shift natural colors. Tumble dry on low heat, or iron low.

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