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Silk & Willow Stylist Toolbox

$ 470.00

The Ultimate Stylist Collection

Everything you need to envision your perfect event!

Sample swatches and fabrics for creating mood boards, a collection of napkins for testing your design and color against your tableware, handmade paper samplers for creating mock-up invites, and an array of ribbons in romantic hues and varying textures for styling or wrapping blooms. 

Designed for showing clients, photographing flat lays and product styling—this collection is the toolbox to bring your vision to life!

Our products are not only for those seeking designer hues and textures, but for the sustainably conscious clientele. All of our colors are naturally dyed with sustainably harvested plant matter, our cotton fabrics are hand-loomed using traditional looming methods, our handmade papers are made from recycled cotton, and our wooden spools are FSC certified. Care and attention go into creating products that are beautiful and kind to Mother Earth.


  • Exclusive to this Collection / Handmade Fabric Swatch Cards. A sample swatch card of our Medium Weave and Tight Weave Plant Dyed Fabrics. Colors include Antique White, Blush, Rosewood, Taupe, Pebble Gray, Blue Slate.
  • Exclusive to this Collection / Handmade Ribbon Swatch Cards. A sample swatch card of the varying shades and textures available in our White and Blush palettes.
  • Napkin Collection / One each of our Tight Weave, finished edge napkins. Colors include Antique White, Blush, Taupe, Rosewood, Charcoal, Blue Slate. 
  • Fabric Sample Bundle / includes:
    • 30 x 30 inches  - tight weave ROSEWOOD
    • 28 x 30 inches  - medium weave PETAL PINK
    • 30 x 28 inches  - medium weave BLUSH
    • 28 x 34 inches  - medium weave CORAL 
  • Ribbon Collection / includes:
    • Antique White / 2.5 inch / 3 yards / no spool
    • Dove / 4 inch / 3 yards / on spool
    • Blush / 2.5 inch / 3 yards / on spool
    • Chocolate Champagne / 2.5 inch / 3 yards / no spool
    • Ethereal Champagne / 3 inch / 3 yards / no spool
    • Taupe Sheer/ 2 inch / 5 yards / on spool
  • Antique White Tight Weave Table Cover / approx. 48 x 36 inches
  • Antique White Sheer Silk / 44 x 36 inches
  • Handmade Paper Sampler & Arpa Envelope Sampler


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