TULIPINA Botanical Print {Limited Edition}

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TULIPINA Botanical Print silk ribbon is our custom ribbon created in collaboration with Kiana Underwood of TULIPINA. Inspired by the lush vibrant hues of TULIPINA floral arrangements, and created with repurposed flowers from the work of TULIPINA.

A beautiful example of sustainable floristry! The flowers infused into this ribbon, creating the botanical prints, were grown in Kiana's gardens, used in her floral centerpieces, then repurposed into our natural dyeing process, and finally, returned to the earth in our compost. 

Adding vibrancy, this ribbon is first hand-painted using natural dyes to create a base of pink hues. Soft pinks and bold magenta create a painterly watercolor palette, with moments of bold pink speckling appearing in varying degrees of intensity. Flowers are then rolled into the silk and steamed to leave their unique botanical markings. 

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — the Art of Nature, captured in lasting form.


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