Organic Twine Sampler

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This raw organic hand spun twine is loaded with character & texture.

Each of our silk twines are created from silk cocoons sustainably gathered from a protected forest in eastern India. The cocoons are gathered after the moths have left the cocoon, so this silk twine would also be referred to as "peace" silk or ahimsa silk {meaning: "nonviolence"}. Each part of the cocoon is used, creating no waste. The varying textures and widths reflect the varying parts of the cocoon. 

For all of our twines, color tones can vary due to the coloring of the crop and varying parts of the materials used.

Each sampler card set is sealed in a clear PLA bag made from plants and certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

2 yards / Nettle
2 yards / Hemp
2 yards / Tussar & Eri Silk
2 yards / Nassi Silk
2 yards / Katia Silk
1 yard / Tussar & Mulberry Silk
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