Vintage Moroccan Copper Tea Kettle

$ 198.00

Antique Copper Tea Kettle, featuring a decorative hammered motif and a unique gooseneck spout. With its rich history evident in every patina mark and gentle dent around the base, this Moroccan tea kettle brings an authentic touch of tradition to any space.

Crafted decades ago, this kettle showcases the artistry of its origins through its beautiful hammering patterns that cover its surface, making it a perfect piece for decorative purposes. Its unique character is a testament to the passage of time, adding depth and stories to your home decor.

Measuring approximately 7 inches in height to the top of the lid and 9 inches to the top of the handle, with a width of 7 inches.

Ideal for decorative use, this Antique Copper Tea Kettle is not a usable piece of kitchenware but a work of art that invites admiration and conversation.

weight | 3.4 pounds