• Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron
  • Wax Linen Apron

Wax Linen Apron

$ 58.00

We are excited to showcase these beautiful Waxed Mini Linen Aprons handmade by CROOKED LOT from Galway, Ireland. This is my go-to apron for it's ease of use, handy pockets, and fashionable style. Wrapped beautifully for gift-giving.

Over time the raw edging will become beautifully frayed. Pockets perfect for artists, crafts, home and garden. This apron is hand waxed, making it durable and water repellent. 

100% washed softened linen
100% Cotton webbing
Genuine leather sourced from factory cut-offs
Natural Beeswax/food grade paraffin wax blend
Antique Brass Rivets

Canvas width 28" // Length 14"
Sizes vary slightly due to the handmade nature.

COLOR & Stitching as pictured in last two images.

Wipe clean with a cold/ warm damp cloth

ARTIST PROFILE by Gilly and Marie at CROOKED LOT  //
"Finding beauty in the imperfect. All items are handmade and produced in-house in Galway, Ireland. We make durable goods using some of our favorite materials; natural linens, sterling silver, organic cottons, hand waxed canvas, new and reclaimed leather and wood from locally sourced factory cut-offs. Many of our items are made to order leaving them each with their own unique characteristics. We find beauty in the old and imperfect and we hope you will too."
Model images provided by Crooked Lot

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