Explore a glimpse into our studio, beautifully captured by Kellē Sauer & featured on The Lane in their "A Portrait Of Poetic Detail" editorial inspiration.

Here are a few excerpts from THE LANE interview with photographer Kellē Sauer

Tell us more about the shoot, how did it come about?

I fell in love with Silk & Willow pretty much from the day they launched their brand. I had been looking for a few years to find an intentional way to think about my detail photos for weddings and editorial work, and Silk & Willow’s thoughtful, sustainable approach to everything they did not only filled that bill, it gave me a new dream of getting to know the people behind the beautiful things I photographed.


Describe your experience with Silk & Willow? Had you worked with the brand previously?

I had purchased Silk & Willow ribbon before for my own work, and to be honest, I have never worked with more beautiful ribbon. The product pushed me to new levels every time I photographed it. The texture and movement of the ribbon sang my soul out, the softness of it, and the colors…

I could use it for bouquets, for draping, even for clothing (I often used it in my hair and for some accents in my lingerie), on my table, in my personal décor. The quality was phenomenal, and the uses were endless.


"Silk & Willow triggered my fascination…the sheer beauty of the “dirty work” that goes in behind the scenes to make some of the loveliest details”

Words by Kellē Sauer

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Feature - The Lane  |  Photography - Kellē Sauer  | Styling - Lacy Geary & Shellie Pomeroy