Bridal Bouquet Ribbon

The standard in luxury bridal bouquet ribbon. Slow-crafted, hand-dyed silk ribbons arouse a sense of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for mother nature. The natural choice to adorn your bridal bouquet. EXPLORE our lush range of plant dyed hues.

our mission is simple

We are Earth advocates; our goal is to create luxury and high quality without compromising our planet.


Silk & Willow is the standard of luxury silk ribbon across multiple industries–you’re just as likely to see our ribbons tumbling in the wind from a bridal bouquet as you are adorning a lavish celebrity gift at the Emmys and The Grammy Awards.


Adding naturally dyed textiles to the world’s most beautifully designed tables, Shellie has inspired creatives worldwide to create warm and inviting tablescapes with her unique fabrics. Embraced by a celebrity client list, Silk & Willow table linens appear online and in print across the globe.


Explore the textural quality of deckled edge papers and stationery accessories that bring your custom invitations to life! Give your guests a lasting first impression with earth-friendly invitations that are uniquely beautiful and make a statement.

Color from Nature

We take pride in the “slow-craft” process of creating color. Natural color connects us to nature and reminds us of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for the environment.


Explore our collection of carefully curated wares and goods that give your event and home an artisan touch. Handmade ceramics, antiques, and crafted treasures offer you unique, purpose-driven items that are sure to inspire.