Khadi is a term used for fabrics that are hand-spun and handwoven. Our cotton textiles are khadi cotton, manufactured in two steps: first, the cotton fibers are spun into yarn using tools like spinning wheels, then the yarn is woven into the fabric using looms. 

Tight Weave Cotton

Our tight weave textiles are a closed weave cotton fabric. These are the more durable fabric that gets softer with each washing. Our tight weave textiles come line dried for a crisper texture, but they will have a more relaxed and crinkled texture when washed and dried in the drier. To create a more formal look, you can iron on medium to high heat. To remove folds and creases, simply spritz with water and shake the fabric to release the wrinkles.

Medium Weave Cotton

Our medium weave textiles are custom woven to our specifications. Master weavers create this challenging fabric due to the complexity of the open, gauzy weave.  Handcrafted by many weavers, variations in the weave are always possible. Medium weave textiles are more delicate and prone to snag, so they are best washed alone or with like materials. After washing, shake out and line dry to maintain a flatter shape, or dry in the drier on a low heat setting to create a softer relaxed look. 



Sheer Silk

Our silk table linens are light gauzy chiffon-type silk. This lightweight, sheer silk has a soft floaty drape. We air dry our sheer silk for a natural crape-like texture; the exception is our botanical print silks, which we lightly iron to showcase the beautiful botanical markings. Our silk textiles can be machine washed, but hand washing is recommended due to its delicate nature. To maintain the natural texture of your silk, air drying is recommended. To create a smoother surface, iron on low heat or silk setting on your iron. 



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We source our raw undyed silk from China and India.

The origin of silk production in China dates back to 2640 BC. China silk comes from the most desired silkworms, the mulberry moth, bombyx mori. These cultivated silkworms are fed on a diet of mulberry leaves. Our Classic Silk Ribbons (Habutai), Sheer Silk Ribbons, and Satin Silk Ribbons originate from China. This silk is manufactured chemical and bleach-free. 

Dupioni Silk Ribbons, Ethereal Silk Ribbons, Gossamer Silk Ribbons, Luxe Silk Ribbons, Tussar Silk Ribbons, and our new organic "Classic" Silk Ribbon are created from hand-loomed raw silk imported from India. Our suppliers work with their State Government Sericulture Department who supplies them with wild-harvested silk cocoons. Tribal communities harvest a regulated supply of raw cocoons within protected forests. This sustainably managed process distributes cocoons to our weavers, who reel and spin the silk into our organic silk textiles. Our supplier provides fair trade wages and health insurance to all of their weavers. These silk ribbons are called "Peace Silk" as the moths naturally leave the cocoon before the harvest.

 botanical print silk ribbon

Classic Silk Ribbon

Our Classic Silk Ribbons are crafted from habutai silk, which means “soft as down” in Japanese. Our raw habutai silk, imported from China, is of the finest quality available. With a heavyweight of 12mm, the quality far surpasses our competitors. These silk ribbons have a graceful drape, soft luster, and a lavish feel. With continued use, your silk ribbons continue to soften.

We carry a limited supply of organic habutai silk from India (noted in each product description). This is a 12mm weight silk, but has a slightly lighter feel based on the looming process. With a delicate drape and beautifully unique shimmering sheen, this ribbon exudes natural luxury. 

Satin Silk Ribbon

Satin Silk Ribbons are crafted from bridal quality charmeuse silk with a 19mm weight. This luxurious and elegant silk has a lustrous, smooth, slippery front surface and a suede-like backside. Its graceful drape falls into heavy, soft ripples. 


Sheer Silk Ribbon

This bridal quality chiffon silk is a premium 6mm weight silk. Our sheer ribbons are elegant, with a soft, graceful drape. Though lightweight, this silk ribbon is very durable. Works beautifully on its own or paired with any of our other ribbons, adding a stunning veil of color.

  luxury silk ribbon

Luxe Silk Ribbon, organic silk

A luxurious Peace Silk crafted from hand-loomed Eri Silk. The unique characteristic of this silk ribbon is the visible woven pattern, the matte sheen, and an ultra softness to the touch. This medium-weight silk ribbon has a beautiful lofty drape. 

 gold organic silk ribbon

Tussar Silk Ribbon, organic silk

This translucent silk ribbon is sturdy lightweight silk with body and texture. Tussar silk ribbon has a unique textured feel that is firm, and slightly stiff. Each ribbon comes with a clean-cut edging for a classic look, or you can repeatedly rub the edges to create a custom “feathered” edgeOn its own, it creates a more formal, straight drape. Pairs well with other ribbons for an added layer of texture. 

ethereal silk ribbon

Ethereal Silk Ribbon, organic silk

This is organic hand-woven silk made exclusively for Silk & Willow. The delicate, lightweight texture gives an airy feel that adds unique character on its own or when paired with other ribbon textures. Ethereal ribbons are soft, translucent, and very delicate. Our rigorous natural dyeing process often alters the sensitive nature of this delicate weave, creating a perfectly imperfect uniqueness. Clean-cut edges are easily frayed to create a feathery “ethereal” look.

gossamer silk ribbon

Gossamer Silk Ribbon, organic silk

The look and feel of our Gossamer ribbon is in between our Tussar and Ethereal silk ribbons. It has a textured feel like our Tussar ribbon, and a light airness like our Ethereal silk ribbons. This is a raw silk, adding a transparent layer of color. Its delicate nature can create irregularities in the weave due to the rigorous natural dyeing process, but we love the perfectly imperfect look.


Dupioni Silk Ribbon, organic silk

An elegant, formal silk ribbon. This is a heavy-weight silk ribbon with a visible, textured weave and a matte luster. Nubs of silk create a classic texture and visual interest. A bow will have a lofty fullness with a crisp drape.


Organza Silk Ribbon

A very sheer, crisp silk ribbon with a light weight of 8mm. This strong, firm, and smooth ribbon has a crisp drape. Creates billowing bows, or can be pinned to make a straight formal drape.