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Need some inspiration for wedding bouquets or designing your event?
At Silk & Willow, we craft plant dyed silk ribbon, table linens, paper, and twine for a variety of decorative projects, from wedding bouquets to products for adorning your tablescape, invitations, backdrops, home, and more!



What is bias-cut silk ribbonBias cut silk ribbon is created by cutting rolls of woven silk on a 45-degree angle. The fabric drapes more beautifully and flows more organically in the bias direction, compared to the on-grain direction. The bias-cut is a technique used by designers for creating a soft drape, and is especially beautiful when wrapped around wedding bouquets. Cutting this way means that there will be a bias seam approximately every one and a half to two yards. 

Are your plant dyed silk ribbons washable? Yes! We encourage you to wash as needed and reuse, but please review the washing instructions, as they vary by texture. Because the ribbons are dyed with living color pigments, the color is affected by a drastic change in pH or added chemicals. If soap is needed, use only pH-neutral detergent, such as Seventh Generation. Our ribbons will naturally fray after multiple uses. Fraying is often a desired effect and can be accelerated by washing on gentle in the washing machine. If you prefer not to accelerate fraying, hand-wash your ribbons. For a “crepe paper” effect, gently spritz the ribbons with water and allow them to crinkle as they dry.  *Note: Plant food contains chemicals that will react with the silk dyes. Dry your stems fully before wrapping your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements with silk ribbon.

How can I reuse your ribbons? We love ribbon in a variety of seasonal décor, from indoor or outdoor wreaths to tabletop vignettes. We also reuse our ribbons to wrap special gifts, tie in hair, and tie on gift tags. My daughter uses our silk ribbons as shoelaces! Because our ribbons are bias cut, you can create a beautiful keepsake by taking, for example, the bias-cut silk ribbon that adorned your wedding bouquets and using it to trim a baby blanket.

Are your colors accurate with what I see in your photos? Silk has a natural prism-like structure that refracts incoming light at different angles. This is what gives silk ribbon its iridescent appearance. Plant dyes, which create complex colors that contain a range of pigments, also have a similar reaction to light. This creates a “living” color that changes under different lighting conditions. Although no photograph can replicate the in-person subtleties of a product, we’ve taken great care to photograph in natural light, for best color representation. Be aware that computer monitors may also vary in their representation of color.

Is your ribbon considered designer ribbon or luxury ribbon? Yes! Because our plant dyed silk ribbon is made from the highest quality silk and plant-based dyes, and is crafted in small batches by hand, it fits both of these definitions. But we prefer to think of our products as natural, sustainable, design-minded, and even a little bit magical—so your wedding bouquets or event decor will look sophisticated and one-of-a-kind.

Is your ribbon considered natural ribbon? Absolutely. Silk is a natural material, and our plant dyes are all 100% natural, as well. 

How much ribbon do I need for my wedding bouquet? Our ribbons are sold in minimums of 3 yards, which is the usual amount needed for a single bouquet. If you prefer a trailing ribbon, 6 yards will create a beautifully dramatic look. Our brides typically prefer a wider width of ribbon for their bridal bouquet, such as 2.5 inch or 4 inch-width ribbon.

How much ribbon do I need for my wedding bridesmaids’ bouquets? We want the ribbon on the bridal bouquet to be the focal point, so we suggest ½ the length, or down a width, for the bridesmaids’ ribbon. For example, if your bridal bouquet uses 3 yards or 2.5-inch-wide ribbon, use 1.5 yards or 1.5-inch width for the bridesmaids.

There are so many silk ribbon companies out there. What makes your ribbon different? At Silk & Willow, we take great pride in providing products that are not only one-of-a-kind, but are also kind to the earth and the people who make them. Each product is crafted with the finest materials in a labor-intensive process that results in a product of superior quality and durability and can be used for many years to come. We believe that your wedding or special event is exceptional. Shouldn’t your décor products be just as distinctive?

What if you don’t have enough of the color I need in stock? We dye regularly to replenish stock and create new colors. Nature changes with the season, so our gathering schedule also varies, for this reason we are unable to give firm dates on restocking. We recommend that if you see a color you love, grab it! That said, always feel free to drop us an e-mail with your request, and we will let you know the colors that are currently in production.

Do you have any suggestions for how to make a bridal bouquet or how to make a bridesmaid bouquet? We love the combination of flowers with plant dyed silk ribbon for wedding bouquets! Take a look at our Pinterest boards and Instagram feed for inspiration and examples of wedding bouquets styled with our silk ribbon. Or check out our featureswhich showcases many stunning bridal and bridesmaid bouquets adorned with some of our one-of-a-kind silk ribbons.


Do you have any suggestions on how to make wedding invitations? For a look you won’t find anywhere else, start with our handcrafted deckled edge papersWrap your invites with twine or plant dyed silk ribbon for a more personalized look. We also love wax seals as an elegant touch to complete your invitation suite.

Are your products appropriate for making eco-friendly wedding invitations?Yes! Our papers are handcrafted from 100% recycled cotton, and our twines are spun from organic plant fibers and hand-harvested peace silk—silkworm cocoons that are abandoned after the moth emerges, so the insects aren’t harmed in the fiber creation. In addition, our natural plant dyes are sustainably sourced and gathered both locally and abroad. This makes every Silk & Willow item perfect for the eco-conscious bride or groom.

Can I print on your papers at home? Yes! Our 150 gsm papers are inkjet compatible; however, they are not laser printer compatible. Be sure to adjust your paper settings to “recycled” paper. We do not recommend our 320 gsm papers for home printing, as not all printers achieve acceptable results with this thickness of the paper. It’s always best to try our paper sampler to test the results with your printer.

What is the best way to print on your paper? Our papers are inkjet compatible, but letterpress printing is truly stunning for highlighting the natural texture of our papers. For bespoke events, we love custom and semi-custom suites crafted by professional calligraphers.

Can your papers be used with envelopes from another company? Our paper and envelopes are designed to work together, in addition, we carry a line of ARPA envelopes designed to fit with our deckled edge papers. With so many wonderful paper companies to choose from, we encourage you to experiment and mix-and-match different colors and textures! Please note, due to the handmade nature of our deckled edges papers, sizing can vary! When selecting envelopes to pair with our papers, you will need to allow for extra room in your envelope. Test sizing with our Paper Samplers & allow for up to 1/4 inch variance on all sides. 



What are "Seconds" and "Discounts"?  Our materials go through many different stages before becoming a finished product in our Silk & Willow shop! Our table linens are handwoven, napkins are hand-stitched, materials are washed and prepped, then naturally dyed with plant materials, washed again, hung to dry, and then inspected. With all these steps, occasionally mishaps happen. This could include a small snag in the material, a larger more obvious irregularity in the material weave, an irregular spot of color, or some other slight flaw we deem to make it a little less than perfect. Our "Discounts" and "Seconds" work great for photo styling and can work well for styling events as most flaws are easily hidden with gathering the material or with a fully set table. Our "Discounts" and "Seconds" are priced accordingly. 

What if I need more table runners than you have in stock? Let us know what you are looking for via our contact form. We are always making and prepping products for the shop, and we may have just what you need!

I’m looking for a unique wedding reception decoration ideas. Where should I go? Start right here, with our napkins, table covers, table runners, and sheer fabric overlays, to create the perfect backdrop for your reception table. Add some handcrafted place cards or menus printed on handmade paper and tied with twine  or plant dyed silk ribbon

Do you do custom orders? Our ability to work on custom orders depends entirely on the number and types of projects that are currently in progress in our studio. Natural dyes have endless color possibilities and we’d love to collaborate to create something special for your unique occasion, but we recommend getting in touch several months (or more!) in advance if you know you’ll be needing custom work.


Where are your dyes from? Silk & Willow’s natural dyes come from a variety of sources. We source globally, domestically, and locally. All imported dyes are sustainably grown and harvested, and certified by the Control Union as compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Local dye materials are organically grown or foraged.  

Where do you get your spools? Our spools are uniquely designed by Silk & Willow. They are made of FSC certified wood and stained with non-toxic, water-based stain, then hand-buffed.