What is bias ribbon?
Bias cut ribbon is created by cutting rolls of woven silk on a 45 degree angle. The fabric drapes more beautifully and flows more organically in the bias direction, compared to the on-grain direction. The "bias-cut" is a technique used by designers for cutting fabric in the bias or diagonal direction to create a soft drape. Being cut on the bias means that there will be a seam in the ribbon approximately every two yards.

Are the ribbons washable?
Yes! We encourage you to wash as needed and re-use.
CARE- Silk & Willow silk ribbons are washable and re-usable. Because the ribbons are dyed with living color pigments, the color is effected by a drastic change in pH or added chemicals. If soap is needed use only pH neutral soap such as Seventh Generation. Our ribbons will naturally fray after multiple uses. Fraying can be a desired effect and can be accelerated by washing on gentle in the washing machine. Ribbons can be hung to dry and ironed. For a “crepe paper” effect gently spritz with water and ribbons will crinkle. NOTE- Plant food is a chemical and will react with the silk color. It is best to dry your stems before wrapping with silk ribbon.

Where are your dyes from?
Silk & Willow dyes come from a variety of sources. We source from India, domestically, and locally. All imported dyes are Fair Trade and sustainably sourced. Domestic dyes have been certified by Control Union as compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Local dye materials are organically grown or foraged.

Where did you get your spools?
The spools are uniquely designed by Silk and Willow. They are made of Acacia wood which is a fast-growing renewable source. Each spool is hand carved and stained with non-toxic water-based wood stain. 

Are your colors accurate with what I see in your photos?
Silk has a natural prism-like structure which refracts incoming light at different angles. This is what gives silk ribbon it’s iridescent appearance. Plant dyes also have a similar reaction to light, they create a living color that changes and adapts to it’s surrounding. Plant dyes create complex colors that contain a variety of pigments. For this reason, colors may appear to change depending on the lighting. Although no photograph can compare to the actual product in person, great care has gone into photographing in natural light for color accuracy.

Do you offer wholesale?
Sorry, we do not currently offer wholesale. We offer a modest discount for bulk orders, contact us for more information. Each product is labor-intensive and crafted with the finest materials. Pricing reflects it's value.

What if you don't have enough of the color I need in stock?
We dye regularly to replenish stock and create new colors with seasonal gatherings. Unfortunately we do not adhere to a strict production schedule, as it is organically changing and adapting to our custom orders. I always recommend to grab your color when you see it! We apologize that we can give clear dates for colors to be restocked.

Do you do custom orders?
Custom orders depend entirely on time availability. Natural dyes have endless color possibilities and we'd love to collaborate and create something special for your unique occasion.