our mission is simple

We are Earth advocates; our goal is to create luxury and high quality without compromising our planet.

The force behind Silk & Willow

The dynamic duo

Shellie and Jay Pomeroy are the husband and wife duo behind Silk & Willow. Shellie is the founder, creative director, textile artist, and tastemaker of the brand. Together with Jay, a former music industry executive, they offer innovative thinking, dedication, and determination to provide a bespoke shopping experience unmatched anywhere else.

Sustainable mission

Our ethical approach

We’re a lot like you–on a mission to bring opulent beauty to every day and make the planet proud while we’re at it. By delivering only the highest-quality in ethically made, earth-friendly products, you can feel good knowing your next celebration will be luxurious, unforgettable, and aligned with your mission to respect Mother Nature.

natural color

Our studio

Ancient dyeing methods and our signature techniques create an unrivaled experience with botanically dyed colors. Our studio is home to a meticulously crafted palette of natural hues that evoke a sense of tradition and honor the gifts from Mother Earth.