Nature, in its beautiful imperfection, mirrors the character of our "Seconds." These pieces bear unique characteristics, often seen as flaws, which are an inherent part of the handcrafting process and a testament to the use of natural dyes. We curate only the best from each product batch for our shop, ensuring that these items meet our high standards. The price of our products reflects not just the premium quality of the materials but also the artisanal skill involved in crafting each piece to near perfection. If a product doesn't pass our rigorous inspections, it is designated as a "second." Despite this title, these items still embody our commitment to sustainable, handcrafted quality - they just come with a unique character all their own.

Opting for our "Seconds" products offers an opportunity to experience our sustainably crafted products at an unbeatable price. This selection provides an affordable gateway into the world of our handcrafted goods.

seconds ribbons


Our "Seconds" collection features plant-dyed silk ribbons, which are charmingly unique with minor imperfections that occurred during production. These could include frayed edges, additional seams, uneven widths, traces of plant matter, spots, or irregularities in the weave. Despite their quirks, these ribbons retain their beauty and functionality. They can be skillfully used to wrap bouquets (ensuring any loose seam is concealed within the stems), enhance styled photo shoots, add a touch of elegance to gift wrapping, or even adorn invitations. They're also perfect for the popular trend of ribbon bow stacking. The price of each ribbon reflects its individual characteristics, and the discount varies based on the extent of the imperfection. Each ribbon is sold separately and priced accordingly.

 handmade textiles


Our table linens and styling textiles are crafted from hand-spun cotton and organic silk, each piece undergoing a meticulous journey from raw material to finished product. The threads are delicately spun by hand and then immersed into botanical dyes before being hand-loomed into the beautiful table linens and styling textiles you see in our shop.

Each item is thoroughly inspected and then washed and air-dried in our studio, resulting in our signature relaxed finish. However, during this intricate process, minor imperfections can occur. These might include a small snag in the fabric, a slight irregularity in the weave, or an unexpected spot of color. Again, a natural occurrence with hand-crafted products. 

These less-than-perfect items become our "Seconds." Despite their imperfections, they remain excellent for photo styling or events, where any flaws can easily be concealed within a gathered fabric or a fully set tablescape. Each "Second" is priced according to its level of imperfection, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy our handcrafted, sustainably made products at a reduced cost.