Passionate about recycling and re-using? We are too!!

We love that our sustainably sourced wooden spools have many uses, but realize that not everyone has a use for them. We would love to reclaim your spools and offer a reward for taking the time to recycle them back to us. 


Your reward? We will issue you STORE CREDIT based on the number of spools returned.

Please understand that due to shipping costs we will need a minimum of 15 spools to be returned, and we can only offer this program in the US.


Give us some quick details below and we'll provide a shipping label via email for you to recycle and return your ribbon spools back to us via USPS.


Return 15-20 ribbon spools = Get $10.00 STORE CREDIT

Return 21-30 ribbon spool = Get $20.00 STORE CREDIT

Return 31-50 ribbon spools = Get $40.00 STORE CREDIT

Return 50+ ribbon spool = Lets chat details, it will be fun!