ARPA ENVELOPES {light gray}

$ 25.00 $ 36.00

ARPA ENVELOPES - Deckled Edge Handmade Envelopes

These lovely deckled edge envelopes are of the highest quality & handmade by artisans in Spain. ARPA uses traditional papermaking techniques and gives the utmost attention to the craft of each piece they create. Designed to be used with our Silk & Willow handmade Papers.

Cotton / Bleach-free

Color / Light gray is a neutral gray hue 

NOTE / These envelopes do not have “gum” to seal them closed. They will require glue, double-sided tape, or wax seal to seal them closed. 

Size / with handmade items slight variations are always possible, but we find the envelopes to be very consistent.  

Printing / Letterpress, offset printing, or hand calligraphy. Compatible with home Ink-jet printer. We have used laser printing with Arpa envelopes but the results are varied, we do not recommend using laser printing unless you do your own testing. 

5.5 x 7.875 inches - to pair with our 5 x 7 paper