shellie pomeroy

Shellie, a design and philosophy graduate, had a successful career as the head of the art department at a book publishing company. However, she left her career to prioritize being a stay-at-home mom for her two daughters. During this time, Shellie honed her skills in baking, knitting, sewing, and natural dyeing, creating a nature-inspired space for her girls. To keep in the loop of her fast changing industry, she freelanced as a brand and identity designer for local businesses and occasionally took photography clients.

As her daughters grew more independent, Shellie embarked on a new career path. She followed her passions and took classes in Sustainability and Herbalism, and in 2014, she founded Silk & Willow. Combining her passions for the environment, plants, and hand-crafting, Silk & Willow quickly gained recognition.

shellie pomeroy

Two years later, Shellie's husband Jay, a former music industry executive, joined the business, bringing his expertise. Today, Silk & Willow has sold their plant-dyed products to over 50 countries and has been featured in prestigious online and print publications such as VOGUE, BRIDES, The LANE, Martha Stewart, and LUXE Interiors+Design magazine, to name a few.

With a mission to sell bespoke hand-crafted products while maintaining a commitment to the planet, Silk & Willow's attention to detail and exceptional customer service have earned them a loyal customer base and a growing list of celebrity clients.

images by Rob Yaskovic