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STATIONERY / 6 x 8.25

$ 18.00

Paper & Envelopes are sold separately.



NOTE on 150gsm 6x8.25 paper. This is running slightly large at approximately 6 x 8.5 inches. While this fits within the margins we describe on all of our paper, this batch is consistently larger. Even at this size, this paper fits nicely in our envelopes.

NOTE on 320gsm 6x8.25 paper. The current batch is slightly more Ivory in color than normal. If you need more white in color, please make a note at checkout as we have some of both.

Handmade 100% recycled cotton rag paper with deckled edging. 

Genuine rag papers are rare and it's the fiber length of this raw material that gives our paper their exceptional strength and durability. Made from recycled t-shirt cuttings. Acid and bleach free. Slight size variations and imperfections may occur due to the nature that each paper & envelope is individually handcrafted with recycled materials. 

NOTES ON ENVELOPES/ Envelope flaps have hand-applied natural glue in varying amounts. For this reason, additional adhesive may be needed. Handmade envelopes vary in texture and should ALWAYS be hand canceled. See your local post office for additional information on "hand canceling", or read the Martha Stewart Weddings article on Hand Canceling Your Wedding Invitations.

Sizes are approximate. Please, expect ¼ inch variance on all sizes.
Paper Size / 6 x 8.25 inches  |   Weight / 150gsm + 320gsm
Envelope Size /  6.5 x 9 inches  |   Weight / 100gsm
Texture / medium