Blush {Sheer} Silk Ribbon

$ 32.00
Width & Length

Silk & Willow's Blush Sheer Silk Ribbon is a stunning accessory that adds a touch of elegance and romance to any occasion. Made with the highest quality 100% Mulberry Silk, this ribbon is featherlight and ethereal, with a delicate drape that seems to float in the air.

The Blush Sheer Silk Ribbon is handcrafted with a unique blend of plant materials, creating a warm, earthy, blush hue with a subtle pink undertone. This slow-crafted ribbon is perfect for adorning wedding bouquets and other special event decor.

Each spool contains 5 yards of bias-cut ribbon, which has a natural flow and softness. The blush color is romantic, playful, and feminine, adding a gentle pop of color to any setting.

Whether you're planning a wedding, decorating for a special event, or crafting a unique gift, the Blush Sheer Silk Ribbon from Silk & Willow is a beautiful and sustainable choice that you can cherish forever.