dried flowers

There’s a universal connection we all share with nature—the colors effortlessly appeal to our senses while providing an endless source of beauty.

Textile dyes were crafted from natural sources thousands of years prior to the advent of synthetic dyes. At Silk & Willow, we carry on the tradition of natural dyeing, using plants and raw materials to create our lush range of designer hues.

We extract colors from roots, foliage, nuts, berries, and flowers, to name a few of our many natural sources for color. Some materials are organically grown and foraged on our property in upstate New York; others are meticulously sourced and carry the GOTS certification to ensure they were grown and sourced sustainably.

Our textiles are naturally dyed.

We embrace the emotion and connection to nature achieved through the natural dyeing process. Our custom palettes of natural dyed hues are unlike any other—magic, to experience.