We love that our Botanical Print Coreopsis ribbon is wonderful for any season! For the Spring it's bright and bold color fills us with anticipation as we await the emerging colors of spring. In the Summer, it's as if we gathered the color from a field of flowers, and the Botanical Prints are an added extension of your bridal bouquet. Fall, with its array of earthy tones, is the perfect backdrop for this coppery hue. And, in winter, this rich and luxurious ribbon will add earthy elegance to your ensemble! 


Botanical Print Coreopsis is created using the coreopsis flowers harvested from our garden. We use a "direct contact" dyeing method where the flowers are rolled into the silk and steamed for hours. The ribbons are then dyed in the bath of coreopsis flowers to create an overall hue of coppery-coral. Botanical Print Coreopsis ribbon will give you a modern-vintage feel with bohemian vibes. 


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