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Botanical Print Gold Marigold | Organic Eri Silk Pillow Covers
From $ 70.00 $ 80.00 Sale
1 Pillow Cover / Botanical Print Gold MarigoldSet of 2 Pillow Covers / Botanical Print Gold Marigold
Ceramic Canisters {Satin White & Matte Black}
From $ 18.00
Canister / Satin WhiteCanister / Matte BlackBREATH / ANIMA MUNDI Herbal Tea 2oz.CALM / ANIMA MUNDI Herbal Tea 2 oz.
Moon Print Silk Scarf 20 x 20" {Indigo}
$ 62.00
Indigo Moon .01Indigo Moon .02Indigo Moon .03Indigo Moon .04
Botanical Print Silk Scarf 20 x 20" {Indigo+Coreopsis}
$ 62.00
Indigo+Coreopsis .01Indigo+Coreopsis .02Indigo+Coreopsis .03Indigo+Coreopsis .04

Enjoy our unique collection of handcrafted home goods and rare vintage finds. Our custom pieces are crafted from natural materials with care and an attention to detail that creates works of art for generations to treasure!