2021 was definitely a year to remember! We were all limited in our ability to have large gatherings as we hoped to, so for us, our focus was drawn inwards to our shop offerings and creative collaborations. Working with fellow artists in 2021 yielded some of the most beautiful collaborations to date, with new surprises for 2022! 

Explore the beauty of our Instagram Highlights and the amazing talent behind each creation! Plus, I have exciting news for 2022 (read on to see what's coming!!)

tulipina floral design

This beauty was created by TULIPINA. Kiana and I spent the afternoon playing with flowers and silk and exploring the relationship between the two. We experimented with color, texture, and the harmony they create together.

Seen here is our custom dyed, organic, ethereal silk fabric. With color created from marigolds and indigo, the look was as iridescent as peacock feathers! In 2021 we took on various custom dye projects (my playtime in the dye studio), and though space is limited, we will open a few slots for custom work in 2022.


gift wrapping inspiration

Our ribbons come to life when adorning a bridal bouquet, but they also are wonderful for adding a personal touch to the gift-giving experience. Gifts wrapped in our silk ribbons become a gift that keeps giving! Our ribbons are heirloom pieces that can be used and re-used for years to come. TIP / to remove creases from used ribbons, simply spritz with water and iron on medium-high heat to return to the original smoothness.

Pictured above is our LUXE organic silk ribbon. In 2021 we added many new colors and textures to our line of organic silk ribbons, and we will continue to expand our offerings in 2022.


bridal bouquet inspiration
Thy lan Studio

Hong Kong floral designer

Contelier flower studio

Botanical Print Ribbons have a way of pulling together the colors in your floral designs while adding a touch of botanical beauty to your floral arrangements. The two bouquets above, by Thy lan Studio and Contelier flower studio are perfect examples of the allure of combining flowers with botanical print silk ribbons. 

Our Botanical Print Ribbons are each created with flowers we grow in our gardens or are recycled from local florists. The extensive process of organically growing, drying, and storing flowers to make our Botanical Print Ribbons is worth every minute when the silk is unrolled, and the botanical prints are revealed! Hundreds of flower petals go into each batch of ribbons, and each spooled ribbon is a unique piece of botanical art.

In 2021 our Botanical Print ribbons remained the fastest-selling Silk & Willow product, with some batches selling out in a few hours! As always, our Newsletter Subscribers are the first to hear when our Botanical Print Ribbons are listed in our shop, and occasionally we send private links giving our subscribers exclusive access to our featured ribbons.



wedding boutonniere

These elegant boutonnières, pictured above, created by The Petaler Floral & Events Co with calligraphy by Half Moon Lettering are truly enchanting. Tied with our organic Dupioni Silk Rbbon (more coming soon!) each one is beautifully unique, working together to make a cohesive and delightfully designed presentation.

In 2021 we added a collection of colored handmade papers to our shop. To create a boutonnière ensemble with handmade papers like this one, created by The Petaler Floral & Events Co., visit our handmade paper collection to see our classic white handmade papers and the new paper colors we've added.


Bridal Bouquet

This sweet bouquet by BLXXM showcases our all-time most popular ribbon color, Antique White. As a designer, I understand the importance of choosing the perfect "white" hue. With a delicate balance of color and absence of color, our Antique White silk ribbons are designed to complement every white wedding dress and every floral shade of white. Our Antique White ribbon color comes in various textures; Classic, Satin, and Tussar silk ribbons.


Ashley Fox Design

photo Märit Williams

Ashley Fox Designs continues to wow us with her floral centerpieces and romantic tablescape designs. Here, our Sheer Silk Table Runners are artfully placed as they intertwine with the florals and table decor. Not only do the silk runners add an additional layer of texture to the table, but Ashley has perfectly paired the colors to highlight her beautiful floral centerpiece.

silk ribbons and flowers

With our high-quality standards, in 2021, we continued to have an ample supply of our popular "Seconds" ribbons. Each ribbon we create is meticulously inspected as it is spooled onto our custom-made wooden spools. A few flaws are unavoidable with the many steps we take in making our hand-crafted product. Nature is perfectly imperfect, and while it is expected to experience slight variations in color with natural dyes, we hold ourselves to impeccable standards and want your bridal ribbon to be perfect! If there is a color spot that doesn't blend, an uneven seam, or a slight change in the ribbon width—these become "Seconds."

If you've purchased our "Seconds" ribbons, you know that these flaws are sometimes unnoticeable, easily hidden, and perfect for styled photoshoots. As we continue to keep the high standards of our luxury products, so you will continue to see more "Seconds" in 2022. 

Natural Tables

I love to push the idea of what we expect to experience in a tablescape design. In 2021, as we spent more time around the table with family, and with events being more intimate, our handwoven {medium weave} textured napkins became a popular way to add a custom feel to your tablescape designs. Our raw edge Table Linens can create a wildly romantic presentation for the most luxurious events or be used to an inviting touch to your family diner table.  



I wrote a book!

Natural Tables book

My first book, NATURAL TABLES will hit bookstores in Spring 2022!! I had the privilege of working with Corbin Gurkin on this project, and her stunning photography makes this book shine! I will share more details about the book, the launch date, and book pre-orders soon!! I can’t wait!! 

Until then, if you are looking to purchase in bulk as client gifts or a retailer looking to carry our book, you can contact CHRONICLE BOOKS to learn more. 


Wishing you all a healthy and blessed 2022!

with love,