After years of thinking about writing a book, in 2019, the idea began to solidify. By early 2020 I was thrilled to sign a book deal with Chronicle Books. But, while over-the-moon excited, I was terrified with the state of the world—how would I create a book about gatherings amid covid lock-downs?

The timing was a blessing in disguise!

The talented and sought-after creatives I worked with and the venues that hosted many of my tablescape designs may not have had the availability due to bookings if it were not for Covid.

So, we put our masks on, washed our hands constantly, kept a healthy distance, and took advantage of free rein at some glorious Hudson Valley venues!

Thank you to AUDREY’S FARMHOUSEFOXFIRE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, THE DUTCHESS for allowing me to create in your spaces!


dutch master flower arrangement

NATURAL TABLES takes you through how I design my tablescapes; they’re not fussy or over-complicated. For me, simple natural elements and a few handmade details always add warmth and a welcoming touch to your table. So, I called on expert crafters and makers to add a unique detail to NATURAL TABLES. It may be a recipe, handwritten lettering, flower arrangement, or handmade furniture— thank you to the markers that contributed their talents!

Kiana Underwood, Tim Trojian, Laura Silverman, Silbia Ro, Alexis Tellefsen, Sawkille Co, and my good friend Marta Porras.


CERAMICS!! After years of collecting, I admit my ceramic stash is pretty healthy. But, what is a natural table setting without at least one tiny piece of handmade ceramic? It could be a candle holder, salt dish, salad bowl, or dinnerware set; the handcrafted detail and added texture contribute an earthy elegance to your table. The shortlist of some favorite ceramic artists whose work you will see in my book are: 

Tellefsen Atelier, Laima Ceramics, Grit Ceramics, Saava StudioGG05DesignLedStudio, Notary Ceramics, Handmade Studio TN, and Trace Aesthetic.




Thank you to the talented duo Serena Jae and Josh Gooden of Josh Gooden Cinema.

These artistic storytellers artfully captured 3 days into 1 minute! Pulling just the right moments to share a glimpse of my process, they captured the essence of NATURAL TABLES to share with you! (White house is the Silk & Willow shop and studio, and black house is our forever home)

And finally, Corbin Gurkin

The super talented photographer that captured each tablescape!

THANK YOU CORBIN for bringing my vision to life!! NATURAL TABLES would not have been possible without you! 


If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a nature lover like me! 

I hope you enjoy my book NATURAL TABLES and that you're inspired to take a new look at what nature can bring to your table.