monochromatic table setting

Table Linens for your Monochromatic White Tablescape

Bring your dream wedding head table to life with our luxurious and romantic layered textiles. Let Silk & Willow provide the best in sustainable luxury, crafted from hand-spun cotton that is carefully loomed and dyed with nature's pigments! For a delicate touch of seemingly timeless elegance, our Antique White Table Linens are an ideal choice - they possess just enough color to create a subtle yet captivating ambiance on your special day.

Whether you’re directing your stylist or planning to DIY your special event, here is an overview of what's needed to create this dreamy monochromatic white table setting. To see more details on this table setting and a variety of other tablescape designs, grab a copy of our book, NATURAL TABLES, Nature-Inspired Tablescapes for Memorable Gatherings, available on sale at AMAZON (make our day by adding your review!) or HERE (comes signed and with a complimentary ribbon sample that makes a great bookmark!)

How to measure Table Linens for your Table

To create our Monochromatic White Tablescape, start with our ANTIQUE WHITE {Tight Weave} 104-inch Wide Table Cover. Use the formula above to determine how many yards of material you will need for your table.

TABLE LENGTH = 8 feet or 2.67 yards
+ {table height x 2} = 60 inches or 1.67 yards
+ 1.5 yards (extra material to puddle on ends) 

= 5.84 yards is the total length. You can round down to 5.5 yards for less puddling on the ends, or round up to
6 yards for extra puddling.

TABLE WIDTH = Our ANTIQUE WHITE {Tight Weave} 104-inch Wide Table Cover can be used on a table width of 32-42 inches (32-inch width table will leave some fabric gathering on the floor. With a 42-inch width table, the table cover fabric will just touch the floor on each side.

Table Width = 32 inches + {table height x 2}  60 inches = 92 inches. (with our table cover width at 104-inches, this leaves 6 inches each side to puddle on the floor).



custom menus for your wedding table setting

Elevate your gathering with a beautifully crafted tablescape design, incorporating unique details like handcrafted menus and textural layers to transform the atmosphere into an immersive experience.


Antique White {Tight Weave} 104-inch Width Table Cover
Antique White {Tight Weave} Napkins
Handmade Paper / 4x9