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If you're searching for creative inspiration and unique touches to make your next intimate gathering truly unforgettable, we have the perfect solution. Experience the transformative power of handmade details as we delve into the enchanting world of Warmhouse Story events. Take a journey through "Of Mice and Meals," a captivating event inspired by Aesop's Fables and crafted by the imaginative mind of Jason Berke. In collaboration with renowned chef Brooke Faudree of QUINCE Catering + Events, Jason masterfully curates custom handmade details that highlight the meticulously curated meal and engage guests as they become part of the unfolding fairy tale.

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Nature leads the way in how I concept and design a dining experience. There is no better product in my eyes than textiles and ribbons from Silk & Willow. The natural dying process and attention to detail bring a great balance of organic elements and precise design. That can be a tricky thing to balance, and Shellie's products make that effort much easier." - Jason Berke

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We enjoyed collaborating with Jason on his latest Warmhouse Story event. With his attention to detail and talent for storytelling through design, Jason creates an atmosphere that captivates and enchants his guests. Together with chef  Brooke, they have become a perfect pairing when it comes to fine dining and atmosphere. The food and the setting both take cues from the fables, which the diners love to discuss as they enjoy their meal. Together with the thoughtfully crafted handmade pieces throughout the dining space, they foster a sense of warmth and connection, even among those meeting for the first time.

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For this beautiful evening, Jason utilizes Silk & Willow Handmade Papers to create his custom DIY menus and storytelling details, which highlight the custom-curated menu designed and prepared by chef Brooke Faudree. Jason adorns the table with Cotton and Silk Table Linens in a range of earthy hues and textures, while silk ribbons gracefully accentuate various areas and vignettes throughout the space. The layers of handmade details come together to create an ambiance that radiates warmth and invites guests into his world of enchantment.

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This collaboration marked the first time I used Silk & Willow paper products in a substantial way. I was blown away by the paper quality and how it took to print for our evening's menu and fable folder. Once silk ribbons were added and the folders wrapped in gossamer silk and twine, each place setting became the perfect gift to unwrap and surprise the diners. They were blown away by the tactile interaction." - Jason Berke

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Handmade papers used to craft your menu details offer a unique opportunity to elevate your event and create an unforgettable dining experience. Added on top of your dinner plate, it adds a touch of elegance, sophistication, and engagement that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. No matter the size or occasion of your gathering, the handmade details you incorporate will set a beautiful tone for your special event. Whether you embrace DIY projects or enlist professional help to craft an enchanting experience for your guests, taking the time to incorporate handmade details will transport them into an unforgettable realm. Take inspiration from Warmhouse Storie’s “Of Mice and Meals” event. Unleash your creativity and allow yourself to explore new ideas and possibilities for adding handmade details to your next gathering. 

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Create the look | Silk & Willow Tight Weave Table Cover, Organza Silk Fabric Table Runner, Linen Napkins, Charcoal, Smooth Black, and Natural White Handmade Paper. Silk Ribbons for vignette details. 

Photography by Madeline Elli