Coco Rose Silk Ribbon {LIMITED EDITION}

$ 32.00
Width & Length

Introducing Coco Rose, a captivating and enigmatic shade. This luscious chocolate brown hue harmonizes the allure of coral and rose tones, gracefully transforming to reflect its surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Koko Loco Rose, our silk ribbon accentuates and elevates the elegance of your bridal bouquet adorned with these ethereal roses.

Color created from the natural dye Ceriops tagal.

Ceriops tagal, a mangrove tree species, is a vital tree in coastal ecosystems. Mangroves are under tremendous environmental stress from herbicides, runoff, and clear-cutting groves for aquaculture. Ceriops tagal is considered a precious dye sourced from Botanical Colors in collaboration with Threads of Life, who acquired this extract from Indonesia's only mangrove ecosystem to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified for environmental management and protection. The bark used to create this dye is a by-product of forest management and is used by the concession to increase incomes for people living around the forest.

Paired with Canyon Sunset {Ethereal}Canyon Sunset, and Botanical Print Satin No. 3., Blush, and golden hues

Each batch varies. 

Sample Swatches are a 9-inch length sample of our 1.5-inch width ribbon.